10+ Years

of experience

PIC'D Staffing Services inspires all partners to be more productive by connecting the right people to the right occupations. While increasing revenue for clients and decreasing bottom lines. We have helped numerous people find great positions that have enabled them to reach higher altitudes, resulting in, better and brighter futures. Contact us today.


We help more than 10 years in the staffing industry.

PIC'D Staffing Services provides uncanny career professional services for a wide spectrum of industries. We service, but are not limited to servicing, the hospitality, real estate, industrial, commercial, and automotive industries.

Our service programs are comprised of Temp to hire, permanent placement, staffing flexibility, and lift operator certification.

PIC'D Staffing Service's employees undergo career development programs. Our employees are geared towards major career success and are lead to accomplish such. Therefore, enabling our clients to source high quality candidates that tremendously improve the profitability and the success of their businesses.

About PIC'D Staffing Services

Determination. Dedication. Direction.

Founded in the heart of Savannah, Georgia in 2018, PIC'D Staffing Services, LLC was established as a solution to meet high the demand for quality professionals in all markets. Increasing the production and profitability for clients, while "raising the bar"
on industry, in addition to increasing employee grade standards.


Quality is key, when it comes to our employees. At PCI'D Staffing Services, LLC we invest the time required to fully train our employees for job placements and career advancement. The employees PIC'D Staffing Services provides are the best of the best. Ambitious business professional who create an environment of industrious success for clients and all associated parties, causing rapid business growth as well as a distinctive brand recognition for clients, based upon quality.
If, success and profitability are your goals then choose PIC'D Staffing Services.